A Scary Change In Adult Onset Diabetes


Once upon a time, Type 2 diabetes was also known as adult onset diabetes. This was because it was rare for type 2 diabetes to appear within children.

Type 1 diabetes is associated with the body not producing the insulin needed to keep it running properly. Type 2 diabetes is linked more with a lifestyle choice that includes being overweight and not eating the right choices in food. When adult onset diabetes begins being seen more commonly among the younger generation, this is a sign that they are not receiving the nutritional requirements and physical activity that they need to stay healthy.

American children who can be medically classed as being obese now amount for approximately 17% of their age group. This is about 50% of the same classification for adults. Obesity leaves a child wide open for the risk of many chronic illnesses, including type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is caused because the body cannot properly regulate the amount of blood sugar that is produced. Each time food is consumed, insulin made by the body is released. This takes the sugar from the food and pushes it into the tissues that need sugar to thrive. If too much sugar is consumed, then the body starts to speed up the production of insulin. The more insulin it produces, the less effective it becomes. This eventually leads to blood sugar levels rising as they can no longer be contained by the insulin. Once this happens, nasty side effects can be experienced by the body and these can be fatal if left untreated.

Adult onset diabetes can lead to a range of medical complications. These include strokes, increased cancer risk, nerve damage and blindness. This is particularly distressing simply due to the knowledge that this type of diabetes can be prevented simply by making better lifestyle choices.


The first step to taking back control of the body is making immediate changes to the lifestyle of yourself and your children. Take a look at the amount of carbohydrates currently being consumed as these can lead to a spike in the blood sugar levels. Bread, potatoes and pastas should all be reduced in consumption. Grilled fish, chicken and vegetables should replace fried options.

The next important step is exercising. It is a well known fact that 30 minutes a day is recommended for each and every single member of the family. Throw everyone in the car and take them down to the local park for a game of soccer if you have a small backyard. Even power walking laps around the mall are a healthier alternative to another hour of playing video games.

Whether you are concerned about the onset of diabetes for yourself or your kids, there are instant changes that can be made today to your lifestyle. Do not be yet another medical statistic by avoiding the facts that are in front of you. Do the right thing and make the changes that are needed today. You do not want to have to face a diabetic diagnosis in any family member in the future because you chose to ignore the advice given to you.